If you’re a brand or a social media user with a lot of followers and aren’t engaging in influencer marketing, we’re judging you. Hard. Influencer marketing has grown to a $1 billion industry and is slated to double by 2019. While the chance of getting in on the ground floor has come and gone, it’s still early enough to get your hands on a thick slice of the pie. With the astounding ROI figures and advantages relative to traditional marketing strategies, anyone living in the 21st century and not using influencer marketing is missing out on a huge opportunity.

For many, the unknowns of influencer marketing have steered them away from engaging in it. How much does it cost? What exactly will my return be? How do I know which influencers are looking for work? The list of questions goes on. The fact is though that now that just about everyone is doing it, it’s become more measurable and transparent than ever.

So how do you know your brand is dying for some influencer lovin’? If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, it’s clear.

  1. Your audience growth is stagnant

A social media following that isn’t growing is not a good look. A huge advantage of working with influencers is that you gain access to their pool of followers. This not only means that your brand visibility increases but it can also translate into you attracting some of their followers. Influencers (especially micro-influencers) also typically have a niche following which vastly increases the chances that they’ll be interested in your brand.

  1. You’re getting no website traffic

You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if it’s not being seen, it’s completely worthless. Marketing is all about launching your brand into the consciousness (and sub-consciousness) of the consumer. If people aren’t being reminded of your website, they won’t visit it. This is where the influencer comes in.

Unlike costly ad campaigns that most people either block or ignore anyway, influencer campaigns are often incorporated into the influencer’s feed as a lifestyle shot. This makes it so that people don’t actually know they’re being marketed to. This makes it more effective than traditional marketing tactics. Because people are seeing your brand in a more natural way, there’s a higher chance they’ll engage with it. Influencers can ignite a fire that regular marketing just can’t. Seeing a model on some billboard wearing a cute jacket is alright but seeing that jacket on your favorite influencer styled with a bunch of other cool stuff makes me want that jacket in my life. They can inspire purchases and increase sales simply for being more relatable.

  1. You aren’t heavily invested in digital marketing

If you haven’t brought your marketing strategy online, shame on you. The present and future is online and it doesn’t look like there’s any turning back. When people are sitting in traffic, they’re no longer looking up at the billboards hovering over them, they’re scrolling through their Instagram feeds (#don’ttextanddrive).

With the exponential growth of mobile usage, e-commerce, and consumers looking to social content/feedback when making purchasing decisions, it’s critical for brands to have an online presence. Using influencer marketing on social platforms can be the drivers of offer redemptions, website traffic, and overall sales.

Because marketing efforts online are published immediately, there is no lead time. The influencer’s audience already exists ready to absorb information thus leading to instant results.

  1. Most of your engagement is from paid advertising

Brands cannot sustain themselves off paid engagement alone. Organic engagement that comes from an interested and established audience is key. If the audience you have now isn’t into what you’re posting, use an influencer to harness the right followers and re-ignite their passion for your stuff. Also, maybe consider why your content isn’t being received well. Sometimes the issue really is you, not them (#itsnotyouitsme).

  1. You and your followers are just not vibe-ing

Two people sometimes just speak different languages. Ask my boyfriend. If you’re struggling to engage your followers, an influencer who speaks the simple language of the consumer may be the answer. They won’t bore their audience with promotional catch phrases or unauthentic brand promises. They know how to best tell a story that resonates with their followers. This’ll allow them to educate them on your brand in an peer-to-peer way.


If you’re not into diving head first into influencer (or digital) marketing, dip a toe in- you’ll be glad you did.