Return On Investment. That’s what it’s all about. Nobody has an infinite well of cash from which to draw—so we’ve all got to spend wisely. Why throw good money after bad if you don’t have to? At this point, we all know social media marketing is imperative to almost every successful campaign. Brands and influencers are working together, now more than ever. But all that being true, it’s best to take a measured, strategic approach to social media marketing, instead of just trying whatever and hoping something sticks—that’s why we put together this social media tips list.

1) Know Your Audience / Targeted Demographic — Speaking to brands here: If the youth is who you’re after, please say you’ve considered Snapchat. It’s no secret, that’s where the younger demographic lives. 100+ million of them, in fact. So, here’s an idea: When putting together an activation, implement a Geofilter for your event. Making a nation-wide or global filter will cost upwards of half a million dollars, which few can afford—but doing something specifically for your store or event can cost as littler as $5. People are building Geofilters for their weddings, why not do it for your store opening or event? Just be sure you tell your clientele beforehand so they know to open up the app when they’re there—especially if you’re expecting influencers (they should know what assets are at their disposal)!

2) Have Good Taste — If you’re a brand and you’re building an ad campaign or some type of activation, make sure the content is reflective of your brand’s identity. Of course, it’s easy to simply say, “Have good taste”—but that’s subjective. Be mindful of your brand’s identity and have a thru-line on the assets creative for all social media platforms. Lastly, this should go without saying, but make sure all the assets are created and sized for each individual platform. Don’t take the shortcut and post an asset created for Twitter on Instagram. The specs aren’t the same, and it won’t look right.

3) Make Your Own Hashtag — Yep, we’ve addressed hashtags before. Again, don’t go crazy. A million of them won’t increase your ROI, it’ll only make you look desperate. But let your mind go, come up with an original hashtag, whether you are a brand or influencer, it’s a good thing. You might end up with one that trends. Imagine if #throwbackthrusday was your proprietary hashtag. Wouldn’t that be something?

4) Landing Page Shmanding Page — This one is mostly for the brands out there but might apply to social media influencers, as well, if ya’ll have a proprietary website. A trend we’ve been seeing is companies eschewing landing pages on their sites for more, immediate method of connectivity: The Shop Now button—or a Connect Here, etc. Point is: Do away with barriers to entry. Get to the meat of the conversation as soon as possible. Too many clicks or too many things to fill out will cause potential followers/clients/what have you to lose interest.

5) Stay Current – A good practice, if you’re an advocate of Twitter is to spend some time on their trending topics. If there’s a way to involve yourself or your brand in a trending topic do so! Maybe you’ll personally benefit from the topic’s engagement. Measure the reach of your tweets to see if it was worth it. After all, the platform allows you to do that.

6) Repeat! (Like we are repeating “social media tips” and “social media” — If any of the things we’ve listed thus far has worked for your brand or yielded more engagement for you, as an influencer, keep it up! Put out a variation on the theme, if you feel like you can/must. But there’s no shame in repeating which social media tips work, especially if it keeps yielding great engagement.

7)  Crunch Numbers — Like we said, Twitter allows you to see the engagements of your Tweets. You can also employ customized links (assigned to different influencers to use for messaging, for example) to see which yielded the best engagement. Find the stats, and like we said in the headline, crunch the numbers. Otherwise, you’re doing half the job. Furthermore, don’t be surprised if the micro-influencers are yielding better engagement than the bigger ones.

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This is a Brand working with a social media influencer using REP and learning about business jargon like ROI (Return on Investment)

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