Ever since Instagram changed their algorithm, the Engagement Rate became the new leading metric. Yep, getting more likes and comments has become more important than follower size to both brands and influencers alike. If you’re unsure why, think of it like this: What good is a massive following if none of them, or very few of them, will interact with the posted content? It’s this realization that has given rise to the Micro Influencer (and Nano Influencer). And the logic behind that, is quite simple, really: Though smaller, Micro and Nano Influencers tend to have an audience comprised of interested followers, who yield better engagement than audience belonging to larger accounts (as they are rife with spam, inactive, or fake accounts).

While still imperative, posting great content will not float your metrics upward as it once did. Again, that’s because of the algorithmic change. But don’t despair—and certainly don’t spend less time curating compelling posts! Here are 5 steps you can (and should) perform daily to help boost your engagement rate and get the results you want:

1) Post! (BUT DON’T SPAM)

The more often you post, the more opportunities people have to interact with your posts and come across your profile. Most people take to posting 1-2 times a day. You’ll find others who play with that number, like our friend (and Instagram wizard) Eduardo Morales (read his brief but incredible guide to growing your account here).

TIP: Employ a hashtag strategy to help attract more people to each post. For more on how to execute that, go here.

2) Use Stories!

Because Stories expire after 24 hours, you can be less precious with them. They won’t live on your profile forever (unless you save them as a Highlight), so you can experiment a bit more with it.

But remember: It’s one more opportunity to reach your audience and attract new followers. Hashtags work, tagging works, linking out to sales, discounts, more content—via the Swipe-Up feature works! So take it seriously. Here is a compilation of creative ways to post ephemeral content via Stories.

TIP: Make your content in Stories POP immediately by adding a GIF, an engaging POLL, or using short, direct, and bold worlds to announce your CTA (Call To Action). Nobody has the patience or the time to read an essay in a Story, but a clear Call To Action (i.e. SWIPE UP FOR 20% OFF) will get anyone’s attention.

3) Switch to a Business Profile

If you don’t already, switching to a business profile gives you insight into your following. Instagram breaks down your profile into Activity, Content, and Audience—and gives you terrific insights into each category. Pay attention to it and react accordingly. You’ll know what types of posts work best, when to post them, and perhaps most importantly: You’ll be able to tell potential collaborators more about your audience (i.e. Gender and age breakdown as well as geographic locations, too.)

TIP: Every profile on REP comes with important analytics like engagement rate and audience interests.

4) Interact!

Some do this before posting, but it’s fine to do it after your post goes live, too—as long as you do it. Your back won’t get scratched unless you scratch someone else’s.


  • Define Your Audience — Figure out who you want to attract and who they follow. You’re basically outlining a Persona—a representation of your “customer” or target audience to help you find them and execute the below.
  • Track Them Down — Find them via hashtags or by combing through other account’s followers.
  • Like Pictures — But don’t like more than 350 pictures per hour (Instagram will think you’re spamming and block you).
  • Comment — An emoji or a generic comment like “Nice pic!” won’t do you any good. If you want to leave a mark and inspire someone to return the favor, or follow you, compose something with a few words that actually pertains to the image.


Hopefully that wasn’t overwhelming; just a few things to add to your daily check list.

Questions, comments, concerns, feel free to get in touch.