Digital Influencer Step 1 To Making Money on REP: Good Bio

That we’re writing this means you guys have downloaded the app and signed up—and that means the world to us! So thank you. As you know, we’re here to help. That’s why we blog. We give tips to answer questions we’ve been asked about social media, digital influencer campaigns, do’s and don’ts, and best practices. One thing we hadn’t really spent much time discussing is, as we’re learning, incredibly important; and that’s something that happens right at the start: Your bio. 

Be you brand or be digital influencer, it’s all about first impressions! Sure, your metrics matter—THEY WILL BE REVIEWED—your brand recognition/loyalty/engagement matters, but if you show up unkempt for your first date, you won’t get asked out again. And look—we get it, it’s time-consuming, not the most fun; you could be eating a snack, or swiping right, whatever—doesn’t matter. This is it important. You’re on here to collaborate with brands, develop your reach as an influencer, and ultimately make money. So put your best foot forward.

Taking cue from @samiiryan, one of our favorite influencers on our app, we’d like to highlight some things to consider as you register on REP:

1) Pictures! — Pick photos that are flattering, reflective of your identity as a brand or digital influencer, and fit the allotted space. You don’t want it to be pixilated or awkwardly cropped. Above all, though, make sure it’s on brand: You don’t want it to be a picture of a burrito if you ain’t a foodie!

2) Keywords! — If you work in beauty (hair, make-up, fragrance, what have you) select that as your main keyword. It’ll better categorize you and distinguish you from other influencers or “personalities,” if you consider yourself one. The more descriptive you can be the better. Look at our girl Samii: She’s a model and an entrepreneur, but, for her, both fall under the main category of “Fashion.” So she selected that one for her main keyword and used others as secondary descriptors. Not to harp on this too much, but if you’re an influencer, put yourself in the brand’s shoes: How would you search for someone? You’d go by category. By genre. Break it down for them.

3) The Actual Bio — Here is where you should shine. Here is where we’d like to give Samii another massive kudos. In two sentences she articulated a description of herself and her objectives perfectly. Then! The cherry on top: She offered some statistics on her presence across social media platforms (at least the ones on which she’s most effective.) Really good. Really smart. We suggest you do the same. That information is out there. You have access to it. We give you some. But the more the merrier.

Anyway. Shouts to her. We’re big fans. You all should be, too. She’s doing it right.