The headline might read like a personal question only you can answer… and it should, but like every question—you need to research and weigh the options before you to come to an answer. So consider this post a Cliff’s Notes version of that research. Yes, influencer marketing is a word thrown around quite often. It’s like brussel sprouts or kale before that. Literally on every menu. But just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s right for your brand. (Imagine that, a company built to facilitate influencer marketing telling you it might not be for you!)  So what are those things you need to consider? Here you go:

1) Does Your Product Have Mass Appeal or Is It Niche?

It doesn’t matter where your brand falls on that spectrum. Influencer marketing is on a meteoric rise. This study conducted by Tomoson two years ago shows brands increased their influencer marketing spend by 59%. We can only imagine how much more it’s increased since. Point is—there is likely a sect of the online influencers who could represent your brand, no matter how niche it is. And by the way, it doesn’t make it easier for you if you’re intent is to push a product that’s got mass appeal. In either case, you have to do the legwork to find the right influencer or influencers to represent your brand. The one thing to consider is to make sure that there is a portion of the online public who’d be interested in learning about your product. If it’s too niche that that population doesn’t exist …maybe influencer marketing isn’t for your brand—or maybe it’s time to get into another line of work?

2) Does Your Brand Have a Social Media presence?

If the answer is no, don’t dismay. Again, maybe what you do for a living doesn’t require social media activations at all. But if you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure it does. So, going back to the question on this bullet point—we’ve got your back. Through REP, brands can hire influencers—heck—influencers can even hire other influencers, if they’d like to. Anyone, be it brand or influencer, can build their presence and get things going. That’s why we built this thing.

3) Are There Influencers For Your Target Market?

Again, personal question—we know. But get creative. Even if you have a niche brand, maybe it’s usability and design warrants a broader appeal? Through REP you have access to influencers of all shapes and sizes. Think outside of the box, scroll through our user base, and see if you can come up with a campaign that works.

Do you get it yet? Or are you a confused stock photo person like this guy?