Influencer marketing is super important, but, that’s not enough to get someone to give a shit about your product. As we’ve been preaching, all the technological advances help companies figure out the best return on investment. Guessing games are a thing of the past. Marketers and advertisers can finally be held accountable because they can trace their efforts and figure out what works and what doesn’t. It should come as no surprise that influencer-based marketing initiatives are extremely effective. In this blog we breakdown why and the shopper marketing problems they solve:

1) Influencer Marketing Actually Drives Sales — If a brand is looking to drive sales conversion, they should implement performance-based programs with influencers. What that means is they should hire influencers to create inspired content that directly motivates the audience (aka potential shopper) to take action. What that action or incentive looks like is up to you, of course, but having the influencer spell it out only adds to the brand awareness their inherently creating.

2) Influencer Marketing Builds Organic Reach — Who doesn’t have an ad-blocker by now? Most social media users blow past ads like TV audiences have been trained to do since the advent of TiVo. Remember Tivo? Paid ads on social platforms are experiencing the same nullification. What still works, though, and helps build on that reach every brand is after is influencer participation. Through the implementation of influencer marketing, the brand’s message, product, presence is not only seen and heard, but possible engaged with—depending on the post, of course.

3) Influencer Marketing Fosters Brand Loyalty — While the cool kids will say they are impervious to advertising, the same cool kids will look to blogs (or influencers) to figure out what brands to fuck with. It’s called: “Cool by Association” and the truth is few are impervious to that type of validation.

4) Influencer Marketing Helps Reach Geo-Targeted Audiences — Think of the good old days where you had to put up a flyer to promote your bands show. You only had a certain amount of flyers, and you wanted to make sure you put them up in the right areas. The premise is still the same; except instead of a band you now have a brand, and instead of a flyer, you have whatever information you’d like an influencer to post. You can break it down demographically, geographically, however, you’d like. It’s a marketer and advertiser’s dream and it won’t break the bank unless you want it to.

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