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Chances are social media is not new to you, not in any capacity. Maybe you haven’t yet downloaded the latest update for all the socials you’re using—but you’ve not been living under a rock; you’re down with social media. You’ve got Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, et. al; you use them fairly regularly, and you’ve got a preferred social media platform among them. Buuuuuut …what if you don’t? What if you are in fact coming on board for the first time? Or—more likely: What if you’ve been tasked with starting a new social media profile from scratch—be it for a business/brand or personal fulfillment/your new career as an influencer? It’s not as ominous as it seems. In fact, a clean slate is a good thing. But if you’re a little apprehensive there are a few things to consider and keep in mind, and that’s why we’ve written this post. Influencer Marketing

1) Get organized

Find a few social media profiles whose aesthetic you like and see if taking inspiration from them would be right for the profile you’re about to create. When doing so, keep the potential audience in mind. Think: Would it be rewarding to them, visually or otherwise? Once you’ve got the direction down, you (again this applies to profiles for both businesses/brands and influencers) need to figure out how often you can create this original content, which needs to be consistent. We’ve spoken before about what makes good content engaging and dependability is one of them. People will come to expect your content at specific times (on the daily, if that’s what you’ve engrained)—and you don’t want to disappoint. Lastly, if you’re creating content for Instagram, we recommend launching with at least six posts. You want to give early viewers a good idea of what’s to come. Think of it as a James Bond movie: Each one begins with a phenomenal opening action sequence. You should do the same with your Instagram profile. If you succeed it’ll convert those viewers into followers—something that’s quite hard to do on the merit of one picture.

2) Engage Your Peers influencer marketing

That’s something YOU and you alone should do. The best thing you can do when you get going (aside from posting great content) is reach out to potential followers, like-minded brands and influencers. Leave thoughtful comments. Don’t pass this off to automated bots/apps/what have you. People will know and write you off. The more genuine the comments, the more likely other brands, influencers, or potential followers will be to take the time to return the favor. Here’s a great example of what NOT to do:

a) Awesome picture!

b) check out our page

c) Loooove your page!

If those seem impersonal to you, that’s because they are. We actually took them from our friend’s social media profile and we’re willing to bet they were written by an automated bot, not a sincere human looking to make a connection.

3) Be Consistent

Yes, we’re repeating ourselves, but that’s because it’s important. Managing your social media (especially for a brand or an influencer) is a full-time job. Don’t laugh. It’s true. That’s why it’s imperative to set achievable goals. Don’t oversell and under-deliver. If you’re comfortable posting new content once a day, stick to it! We’re not here to tell you that you must post once a day from now until the end of time—we’re saying that if you decide to do that, stick to it. There’s no rule other than keeping it consistent. So! In summation, scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.

PS. If we didn’t make it clear enough “they” are “potential followers” (including but not limited to brands, influencers, and genuine disciples.

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influencer marketing