By now you’ve realized that influencer marketing is, if not the tent-pole of a successful campaign, a necessary fixture. It sways the consumer more than traditional means do. Ask Siri or Google, if you don’t want to take our word for it. So what makes great sponsored content? What’s the it-factor that pushes the engagement so well? We got you. Heed the below three rules and your campaign will be better for it. If you’ve heard us say them before on this blog, well then you’ve also heard us say: “Repetition is key.” (Here’s an example, influencer marketing, influencer marketing, influencer marketing, and influencer marketing. See what we did there?  Add that one to the list, if you’d like 😉

1) Make It Personal — If you’re an influencer, tell a story. If you’re a brand, challenge the influencer you’re working with to tell the tale in story form. It should be personal; an anecdote, what have you. Influencers are master storytellers. They take the limited space available and spin memorable narratives by making it personal and relatable.

2) Make It Look Stunning — Influencers are respectful to the vision and identity of the brand. It’s fine to send guidelines and talk through the specifics of your approach, but to echo the above point: Social media influencers know what they’re doing. They will make their post look stunning (that’s how they got your attention in the first place)—set your parameters if you must.

3) Make Sure Call To Actions (CTA’s) Are Short & Sweet — Nobody has the attention span to read a lengthy paragraph in your comment section. If you are including a Call To Action in your post, make sure it’s short and sweet. If you can incentivize the consumer with something, offer that reward in as clear a manner as possible. Remember, if you’re asking the consumer to leave the feed to do something for you, you’ve got to make it worth their while. Whether it’s signing up for something, entering a sweepstakes, or buying something on sale—it’s got to be easily understood and exciting!

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(BTW the pic introducing this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about, it’s just a really good pic)