All we’ve been hearing about Instagram, as of late, is how much their algorithm is crushing everyone’s engagement rates. It’s true. Nobody’s alone on this one. We all felt that blow to the gut. That being said, it’s nice to hear something positive coming through the wires …ESPECIALLY because it has to do with the Stories feature, which, if you haven’t been using it—what are you waiting for?! Instagram Stories tend to yield great engagement (more so than posts), so it’s no surprise users have gravitated towards it. And come to think of it—that’s probably why Instagram gave the feature some additional love.

SO! What are these updates and what do they do? Here we go:

Instagram Stories Feature Update 1: Highlights

Have a Story you’re particularly fond of? This tool allows you to give said Story more shine. Where before, your Instagram Story would disappear after 24 hours, now you can save it and have it visible for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re familiar with pinning a tweet on your Twitter profile, this isn’t much different. You’re essentially selecting a Story (or Stories) that you like and pinning it to your profile.


This feature is on your main profile page. Take a look, we promise it’s there, if you’ve downloaded the update. Stories that are highlighted will show up below your bio and just before your feed. You can do this from either the Stories feature, your profile/homepage, or the Archive feature. Here’s a Step by Step breakdown:

  • From Stories:
    1. Once you’ve posted a Story, you’ll find a menu bar on the bottom.
    2. Click on the icon second from right (the heart with a circle around it)–you can’t miss it; it’s even called “Highlight.”
    3. A menu bar will pop up, click on the + to name the Story, and add it to your profile.
  • From your profile/homepage:
    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Click on the + and add. That’s literally all you do.
  • From the Archive feature:
    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Click on the Archive button. (It’s on the top right; it’s the clock encircled by an arrow.)
    3. Click on the three dots (top right corner).
    4. Tap on “Create Highlight.”

You can customize them by selecting a cover image; they’ll then live on your profile for all your followers to enjoy. These will live for as long as you decide. They can be removed whenever, of course.

NOTE FOR BRANDS/INFLUENCERS: This is a great place to give added shine to a Sponsored post. 

PS. To see our pinned Highlight click here. It’s pretty good. (Make sure you’re loading it in the app; as of the writing of this article, Instagram Highlights are not visible when browsing on web.)

Instagram Stories Update 2: Archive

Remember when you’d have to hit save from Stories just in case they didn’t post—or if you wanted to actually save the moment? With the Archive feature, that’s all taken care of for you. Now, whenever you post on Instagram Stories, each Story will be automatically saved to your archive section. So thank Instagram for saving you that headache …and if you’re so inclined, pin one of them to your profile with the Highlights tool.

How to Use:

  • Click on the “Archive” icon at the top of your profile (top far right corner, as mentioned earlier).
  • From here you’ll see the Stories that have been archived in chronological order, of course.
  • You can click on any Story to view, add to Instagram Stories again, share as a post, or add as a Highlight on your profile.


NOTE: If this is annoying for what ever reason, or causing some strain of OCD to flair up—click on the three dots in the top right corner, then click on “Settings,” and then turn of the Archive tool.


Instagram Stories: Highlight and Archive

Instagram Stories: Highlight