You can’t put this girl in a box. She’s got many interests and just as many titles. Meet Phi. Model, DJ, marketing consultant, social media marketing consultant and influencer. We think she’s the bee’s knees and are thrilled she took some time out of her schedule to play 20 questions:

What’s your social media handle?

@phiphibb, @yntendo, @apphiarayne

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi my name is Apphia, I go by Phi online. I’m a model and DJ in a duo called Yntendo. 

What’s your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving / my birthday.

What’s your favorite skincare product?

Glamglow face masks.

What’s did you want to be when you were a kid?


How did you make yourself stand out online?

I’m not too sure how or why to be honest. Some of my followers have stuck around since I had my natural blonde hair and no tattoos, but I’d say most have joined since I began doing fun hair colors. My social media has changed a lot over the past few years.

Share a valuable business skill you have? 

I’m great at communicating and brainstorming ideas.

How has social media helped your business/life?

It’s helped a lot of people discover Yntendo and the music we put out, it’s also helped me get booked for shoots or commercials.

What’s your best social media tip?

Stand out. Try to think of the next big thing instead of following in others footsteps.

What’s the most important aspect of social media marketing for you? 

Understanding your brand.

Which social media platform has been the most helpful for you? 


What inspires your content?

Women, music, food, and my dog.

What song do you have on repeat?

“Moves” by Big Sean.

What’s your favorite meal?

Ramen from Tatsu.

What have you always wanted? 

To dj a festival.

Did you get it? 


Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jaxon Teller in Sons of Anarchy played by Charlie Hunnam.

What brands do you hope to work with in the future? 

Adidas, Vetements, and Gucci.

What’s your favorite acronym?

“lol”—especially when I’m not laughing at all.

What’s the most memorable class you’ve ever taken? 

Driver’s Ed.

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