If you’re a brand or influencer and aren’t yet on Rep, you’re terribly late. Don’t worry though- we got you.

In short, Rep is an app that launches you into a 100% free marketplace where anyone can monetize their social media accounts. It allows you to find vetted brands and influencers using a smart and intuitive browsing system that surfaces ideal matches. This curated feed takes the cold DM’ing out of finding a brand or influencer to work with over social media platforms like Instagram. It’s basically the Tinder of the social media marketing world where influencers and brands are meeting to hook up.

Rep is more than just a space for finding your next brand collabo, it’s also very, very smart. Rep can analyze reach and understand metrics. To find the right pairings, the app gauges alignment with a target subject or audience. By doing this, Rep can individually measure the impact that each partnership will bring its participants.

Through the app, you can manage proposals, handle negotiations, chat directly with potential partners (goodbye expensive middleman), and easily search for influencers or brands that match your needs. As if that wasn’t enough, the app also offers integrated payments that take the worry out of exchanging money online. Rep lets you send and receive money effortlessly with Stripe integration. All of this comes bundled into a beautiful and easy-to-use tool that fits right in your pocket. Not sold yet? Keep reading.

Rep is all about streamlining the influencer marketing game. The less amount of work for its users, the better.

Rep Campaigns

If you’re a brand or influencer- listen up. Rep has recently released its newest update called Rep Campaigns. This revolutionary hiring tool lets brands send out mass hire requests quickly and easily.

As a brand, all you have to do is pick your budget and choose what kind of influencer you’re looking for. Rep will take care of the rest. Literally- all of it. Rep Campaigns will make the connection between the brand and influencer, will outline the terms of your campaign, and will even follow through and make sure the influencer’s post has gone up. Worried about your cashflow? Don’t. Rep Campaigns is for the everyday man as much as it is for the big guns. Whether you’ve got $100 or $25k to spend, Campaigns is the answer to your marketing prayers.

If you’re an influencer, just keep your app notifications on so that you’ll be notified when new campaign hires are posted.

One of the biggest benefits of Rep Campaigns is the crazy amount of time you’ll be saving. Gone are the days of searching tirelessly for the right influencer or the right brand to collaborate with. Simply pick the type you’re looking for and let Campaigns do the rest.


RepDirect is a value-added service of Rep. It’s designed specifically for companies who are interested in influencer marketing but either have no clue or no time to execute. RepDirect acts as your personal marketing agency running right at your fingertips. This service takes the workload off your plate freeing your time up to do other things. Using RepDirect’s team of marketing experts, creating seamless and effective campaigns is a breeze.

Because time is money, RepDirect can have your campaign up and running in a snap. Within days, you can watch your campaign turn from theory to reality with the return on your investment rolling in not far behind. The experts at RepDirect will curate and execute influencer-based marketing campaigns for any budget. They’ll also work hard to tailor the campaign to your brand’s specific needs.


Whether you need help promoting your brand or you’ve got a knack for creating amazing content, Rep empowers you to build partnerships, expand your following, and earn more.