Influencer Captions: How To Write The Best Ones For Instagram

Like with dating, some effort is required. Sure, the really beautiful ones can just show up and have drinks be bought for them, but the rest of us have to try a little harder. So think of this blog post and the strategic tactics within as ways to better chances of engagement. There’s never any guarantee (even if you’re really, really, ridiculously good looking) but in order to achieve our goals (whether it’s in dating or yielding positive engagement), we have to put our best foot forward—writing a great influencer caption is part of that.

1) Find Your Voice — We’re assuming you’ve done this already. But if you’re a nascent influencer, have a think about what sets yourself apart. The competition is thick, but don’t be deterred. Is it your sense of humor? Is it your perspective? Find it and make sure it comes across in your influencer captions.   

2) Keep It Short (YES THIS MEANS HASHTAGS, TOO) — Think of your own attention span. It’s likely not much different than everyone else’s. We scroll until we can’t scroll anymore. We do it fast and furiously (sorry!) while only exercising whichever muscle is attached to our thumb. Not our brain. So keep your captions short and sweet. We don’t have the personal bandwidth to read a novel within the space allotted for your caption. And don’t you DARE give us more hashtags than we need. They’re unnecessary and only look desperate.

3) Emojis? Yes, Emojis! — They’ll certainly help you save characters when posting on Twitter. But emojis can also add much-needed levity to your influencer captions on Instagram. Use them to punctuate a joke or tell the whole story. Get creative: Make the worm play the trumpet (assuming it makes sense within the context of your influencer caption, or not, we love it either way).

4) Mention & Hashtag — Revisiting hashtags for a second here. If you’re running a contest or starting a campaign/movement, hashtags are the only way to compile the scope of your efforts. Use them for that #not #to #try #and #get #likes. As for mentioning: Tagging the brand or product within the post is fine, but it requires the follower to tap the picture in order to see the credit. Think about crediting them within the influencer caption for maximum exposure.