The landscape of social media marketing for influencers and brands is ever-changing. New updates on tried and true social media platforms pop up all the time and require keen eyes to figure out how to navigate and implement into one’s social / posting plans. It’s the Wild West and the future at the same time. There’s no limit to what one can achieve, but those in the game must stay on top of trends, social media platforms, rules and regulations, et al. in order to succeed. If that sounds like a full-time job, that’s because it is one. We say this not to scare you; we’re here to help. Like with any job, there are tools of the trade. And that’s exactly what REP is: A tool for your trade! It’s a free marketplace—a community where not just money, but ideas can be exchanged. We encourage dialogue between influencers and brand, influencers and other influencers, maybe even brands with other brands. Partner up, have a chat.

Here are some social media marketing tips to ensure your experience with us is a worthwhile one:

1) God Is In The Details! – (Social Media Marketing Details)

Whether you sign up as an influencer or a brand make sure you spell out who you are and what you do as succinctly and articulately as possible. Check the right boxes. If you’re a Foodie, assign that category to your profile. Sure, you might also consider yourself a Techie, but if every post on your social media platform pertains to food—and, more importantly, that’s how you plan to monetize your profile (through connecting with entities in the food industry)—make certain you’re listed as a Foodie. Spell it out for the potential client. Remember, they’ve got a lot to worry and think about when planning a campaign, do your job from the start: Explain yourself through the right words and details when registering.

2) Reach Out And Touch Someone!

Spend some time on the app. There are new faces with whom to connect every day. If someone is intriguing, send a message! This goes for both brands and influencers. Maybe you haven’t yet decided on how or when the campaign should run—that’s ok! If you find yourself aligned with a specific brand or influencer, walk them through your thoughts. Come up with the campaign together. Influencers have a following for a reason. They know what they’re doing. Talk them through your goals. We’re sure you’ll come up with something that’s mutually beneficial!

3) Must Be This Tall To Ride!

To this, we say, “Phooey!” Let’s not forget that both brands and influencers started somewhere. We’ll throw another adage at you: Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same is true for presence on social media, brand loyalty, following, influence, what have you. You most assuredly have to start somewhere, and that’s fine! No number is too small. Remember when we said REP is a community? Connect with your elder statesmen in our community (influencer to influencer). They might not give you tips for free, but maybe they’re willing to barter or give you a shout out to give you, burgeoning influencer or brand, a spike in followers or engagement. There’s only one way to find out and that’s to connect through our app. Listen to Yo Gotti’s “Down In The DM” for inspiration.

In summation, think of influencers and brands on our platform as your neighbor. Be kind to thy neighbor. Lend thy neighbor some sugar and they’ll do the same for you.

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