Dear Android social media influencers! We are now in the Google Play App store!

Apologies for the delay; we’re now ready for you. Thank you for your patience, lots of you have signed up for the Beta and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Can’t wait to have you on board. As you may know, the support thus far from users (brands and influencers) has been astonishing. Our cumulative reach is over 30 mm in just three weeks—and we know it’ll only get more powerful with you all.

So what can you expect?

1) First and foremost, for those using Android devices, here’s the link to download the app. In case you forgot, brands and influencers, it’s free to download and free to use. We repeat: OUR APP IS A FREE MARKETPLACE. Go find each other and collaborate. You might want to check this blog out ( for tips on the registration process. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your profile is dialed in. We get into how best to do that in that blog. PS. If you want to get hired to post, sign up as an influencer. If you’re a company looking to hire influencers, sign up as a brand.

2) Hit us up on the app! We’re also a client.  We’re putting our money where our mouth is and hiring social media influencers from within to spread the word about our app across social media platforms. If we haven’t messaged you yet, don’t despair. Write us! That’s the beauty of this. Connect with who you want to connect with and get things going! REP caters to self-starters.

3) As we mentioned, our user (social media influencers) base is growing rapidly and daily. Please revisit our blog to learn more about the benefits of being early adopters. Again, the app is getting more and more populated every day, which means more competition for you. We know we sound like a broken record, but that shouldn’t dismay you! Influencers, entrepreneurs behind brands and companies, you are all self-motivated hustlers, get to work. Be the early bird and get that worm!