Since it’s explosion onto the social media scene, Instagram has seen photos reign supreme over videos. Personally, I scroll right past any videos that come onto my feed. Isn’t that what Snapchat is for? Lately though, social media videos are on the rise. As they’re much more dynamic than still photos, videos are better options for brands and influencers to show off their brand.

If you haven’t made the shift toward social video just yet, you absolutely should. Research finds that by 2020, social media video will account for 80% of global Internet traffic. If you haven’t noticed already, many of your favorite influencers and brands have started to incorporate video content onto their feeds. This eye-catching and consumable media makes it highly consumer-friendly. Because of the intense competition that comes with marketing on social media, the brand/influencer that’s able to catch the most attention will come out on top. And in the next few years, that’ll be with video.

In order to make video work, you’ll need to hone the skills to tailor it to the social media platforms you’re posting it on. What works for Twitter doesn’t necessarily work for Instagram. The following are 4 tactics to up your video game on Instagram.

  1. Partner With Influencers

The biggest trend in social media marketing right now is undoubtedly influencers. Celebrity, macro, and micro influencers have completely reshaped the previously dusty marketing game. It’s no wonder then that you should be collaborating with influencers to create awesome video content for both your own followers and theirs.

What makes influencers so successful is that they’ve mastered the art of knowing exactly what their followers are looking for and what they’re not. This is great news for brands as partnering with influencers allows them access to this valuable knowledge. Videos that influencers create for their audience are often incredibly compelling and interesting to their niche.

Once you’ve shared your marketing goals with your influencer of choice, give them the creative freedom to produce content that works for their audience. No one knows what that means better than the influencer themselves. Influencer marketing is so successful because they know how to seamlessly weave branded content into their feeds. Their posts offer content that includes promotions that feel authentic and un-promotional. As long as they’re passionate and enthusiastic (or at least pretending to be), people will want to know more. And that’s the key. This is something brands simply can’t do themself as their audience knows they have a vested interest in pushing their product.

An added plus of working with influencers is that, in addition to getting awesome content that you can share with your audience, you get access to their audience as well. Having them promote it to their highly engaged following is a double-barreled win.

  1. Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes

The best thing about using videos over photos is that it gives your followers a more authentic idea of who you are as an influencer or brand. Though they can certainly be edited, they aren’t able to be as photoshopped or warped as photos can.

Whether you’re promoting yourself as an influencer or as a brand, your followers often only see the end product. This is usually pretty staged and unnatural. What people want to see is what happens behind the scenes. It allows your followers to feel like insiders and gives them a better idea of your brand’s personality.

Publishing content like sneak peaks of unreleased products and behind the scenes looks of photoshoots or events makes them feel invested in the creative process. This makes them much more likely to want to try the product once it’s complete.

  1. Go Live!

With Instagram’s Live Story feature, more and more users are giving their followers an uncensored look at themselves. Live video has this “je ne sais quoi” factor that recorded video just doesn’t have. The fact that it’s spontaneous and off the cuff makes it much more exciting.

This exciting way to reach followers is not only captivating but provides an “in the moment” value that allows the audience to experience something as it’s happening. For a social platform that is filled with a ton of edited and convoluted content, this is invaluable. This feature also encourages audience engagement that is supremely important to converting your content into dollar signs.

A great option with Live Videos on Instagram is that you can cater to your live audience but you can also post for those who missed it to watch at a later time. Your live video becomes content that you can stream for 24 hours or repost for a longer lifespan.

  1. Offer Something Valuable

Videos that almost always do well are the ones that offer value. Practical “how to” and DIY videos are great because if they aren’t helpful to one person, they may be helpful to one of their friends. This will lead to more tagging, sharing, and liking which will enable it to be seen by more people.

The important this is to know your audience. Understand what they need and what they’ll find valuable and give it to ‘em. If you’re a beauty brand, create tutorials on how to create the perfect smoky eye or how to make an at home facemask. If you’re a food brand, offer videos demonstrating how to cook awesome recipes using your product.


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